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Is your senator standing up for immigrant youth?

Dear NCLR Supporter:

Among the many victims of our nation’s broken immigration system are undocumented youth, who have grown up in America and embraced our country’s values but are unable to become full members of our society due to their immigration status.

In the past week, immigrant youth from across the country have united in our nation’s capital to remind Congress of its responsibility to reform our immigration laws—laws that continue to shut them out of opportunities to contribute to our society.  They have established DREAM University, a summer-long initiative consisting of teach-ins, lectures, and educational events intended to open the doors of education to immigrant youth whose hopes and dreams continue to be constrained due to our broken immigration system.

Today, their supporters and hundreds more will join them as they descend on Capitol Hill to tell members of Congress that it is time to act.  They will ask them to support the “DREAM Act”—legislation that would give immigrant youth an opportunity to contribute to our country—and advance immigration reform for our communities and our nation. 

Help raise their voices in the halls of Congress—find out if your senators are standing up for immigrant youth and ask them to support the “DREAM Act” (S. 729) today!

It is time for members of Congress to show true leadership by standing behind immigrant youth and advancing real solutions on immigration.


Olga Medina
Immigration Policy Associate

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