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Tell Secretary Geithner to Fix Our Housing Crisis Tell Secretary Geithner to Fix Our Housing Crisis

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Tell Secretary Geithner to Fix Our Housing Crisis

Where’s the leadership?  We’ve been in crisis for several years and have not felt the relief of smart policies addressing the nation’s housing situation.  Excuses from our leaders will not help American families save their homes from foreclosure.  Tell Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner to take the steps necessary to eliminate wrongful foreclosure, provide affordable homes to rent, and protect the dream of homeownership for working families.  Join us by adding your name today!

Dear Secretary Geithner:

I write to ask that you stand up for working families. No longer should lenders and servicers be able to use the complexities of the financial market as an excuse to perpetuate wrongful foreclosures and fraud. Our families are losing their homes at record rates with no end in sight while proposed policies are putting our dreams of homeownership on the line. The time has come for an end to excuses and a real solution to this crisis. We ask that you:

1. Stop wrongful foreclosures. It is time to invest in more effective solutions. The country is in dire need of a comprehensive strategy to prevent needless foreclosures.

2. Protect affordable housing. Americans need more affordable rental housing to meet increased demand, especially in high-opportunity neighborhoods.

3. Keep safe homeownership available. Homeownership is still the cornerstone of middle class financial security. We need to keep opportunities for responsible ownership alive for the next generation of homebuyers.
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