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A Student’s Education Should Not Be a Bargaining Chip

Latino students struggling to afford higher education are at risk of losing the opportunity to attend college.  Right now, congressional Republicans and President Obama are negotiating a budget deal, and Pell Grants are on the table.  Cuts to Pell Grants would follow the elimination of the Summer Pell program earlier this year.  So far, needy students have “contributed” $4 billion to debt reduction through cuts to Summer Pell, but they may be asked to make more sacrifices, even if it means that they can’t pay for college. 

Tell President Obama that putting Pell Grants on the chopping block is the wrong decision.

President Obama understands that more Hispanic students must get college degrees for our country to remain economically competitive, but the cost of college has skyrocketed over the past 30 years.  According to The Education Trust, college tuition and fees have increased 439% since 1982.  Pell Grants are a lifeline for students who otherwise could not afford to go to college.  Any more cuts to Pell Grants would make higher education unaffordable and unattainable for low-income and working-class students.

Write to President Obama today and tell him to fight for Latino students’ education and protect Pell Grants. 

What President Obama and congressional Republicans decide to do about Pell Grants will impact millions of Latinos hoping to graduate from college, enter the workforce, and climb the economic ladder.  Without a college degree, their lifetime earnings will be significantly less than more affluent students with the means to pay for higher education.

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