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Welcome to NCLR's Mobilize to Vote Challenge!
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In 2008, Latinos turned out to vote in record numbers, sending a message to the country that it was time to fight back against attacks to the community.  This November, we will head to the polls at a moment in history when anti-immigrant bills threatening the validity and safety of American communities are being considered in many states.  We can show them that we take threats to our communities very seriously by standing together and casting our votes on November 6, 2012.  

They are asking us for our papers, so let’s show them our voter registration cards! 

Approximately 50,000 eligible Latino U.S. citizens turn 18 every month, yet many aren’t being registered to vote. We are challenging our supporters to close this gap by playing a larger role in this year’s election through our Mobilize to Vote Challenge.  Make sure your friends and family have a voice in the future of our country.  

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Are you in?  Click here to get started! 


The Mobilize to Vote (M2V) Challenge gives you the chance to unlock rewards as you help friends and family members register to vote.  The more people that register through your unique URL, the more rewards you receive.  Rewards will range from T-shirts and gift cards to tickets to the NCLR ALMA Awards®!


When you sign up, you will receive a unique URL to share with your friends.  As your friends register to vote through your link, you will unlock different badges that connect you to each reward level.  

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