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Is your senator standing up for immigrant youth?

The “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act” (S. 729) is a bill that—if enacted—would enable certain immigrant youth to fully contribute to this country by opening doors to higher education or military service.  These young people have grown up in America and have embraced our country’s values.  They have every desire to contribute to their communities and society, yet are prevented from doing so because of their immigration status.  Many live in fear of being sent back to a country that they don’t remember or consider home.

Despite incredible challenges, many of them have distinguished themselves as exceptional students and community leaders.  Their courage and dedication should serve as an example to our leaders.  Each day that Congress fails to act, the dreams and lives of undocumented youth are placed on hold and their talents suppressed while our country is deprived of their contributions.

Below is a list of senators who have not yet cosponsored the “DREAM Act."  Send a message to your senators telling them that it is time to show real leadership by standing up for immigrant youth, and thank current cosponsors for advancing real solutions to our country’s broken immigration system!


Richard Shelby (R–AL)       Jeff Sessions (R–AL)          Lisa Murkowski (R–AK)     Mark Begich (D–AK)       John McCain (R–AZ)        Jon Kyl (R–AZ)


Mark L. Pryor (D–AR)  George LeMieux (R–FL)   Saxby Chambliss (R–GA)  Johnny Isakson (R–GA)       Mike Crapo (R–ID)         James E. Risch (R–ID)


Chuck Grassley (R–IA)     Sam Brownback (R–KS)       Pat Roberts (R–KS)    Mitch McConnell (R–KY)      Jim Bunning (R–KY)     Mary Landrieu (D–LA)


David Vitter (R–LA) Olympia J. Snowe (R–ME)  Susan M. Collins (R–ME)  Scott P. Brown (R–MA)    Debbie Stabenow (D–MI)    Thad Cochran (R–MS)


Roger Wicker (R–MS)           Kit Bond (R–MO)       Claire McCaskill (D–MO)     Max Baucus (D–MT)      Jon Tester (D–MT)              Ben Nelson (D–NE)


Mike Johanns (R–NE)        John Ensign (R–NV)       Judd Gregg (R–NH)       Jeanne Shaheen (D–NH)        Tom Udall (D–NM)            Richard Burr (R–NC)


Kay R. Hagan (D–NC)      Kent Conrad (D–ND)   Byron Dorgan (D–ND)    George Voinovich (R–OH)    Sherrod Brown (D–OH)    James M. Inhofe (R–OK)


Tom Coburn (R–OK)         Ron Wyden (D–OR)          Robert Casey (D–PA)       Lindsey Graham (R–SC)        Jim DeMint (R–SC)         Tim Johnson (D–SD)


John Thune (R–SD)      Lamar Alexander (R–TN)    Bob Corker (R–TN)         Kay Bailey Hutchison (R–TX)     John Cornyn (R–TX)       Orrin G. Hatch (R–UT)


Robert Bennett (R–UT)       Jim Webb (D–VA)          Mark R. Warner (D–VA)    John Rockefeller (D–WV)       Mike Enzi (R–WY)          John Barrasso (R–WY)